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Give your intern a Promoteeed t-shirt and its flashcard coaching program. A fun and useful welcome kit for a successful onboarding experience.

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The Career Daily Flash Coaching program for interns is a 6-month smartphone-based program designed to support interns during the integration period.

The success of an internship depends largely on its ability to adapt quickly to the new environment and to navigate between the world of the classroom and the world of practice.

The program aims to help the intern to better position himself in his new role and new environment, to reinforce his confidence and commitment, to become more efficient more quickly, and to overcome some of the typical challenges encountered during the integration process.


Internship failure is a reality in companies, and this is largely due to a lack of preparation and support during the student onboarding and training process. This is a waste of time for both students and employers, a waste of money and the lost opportunity of hiring and retaining millennials. The more the onboarding process is organized and supported by HR, the easier it will be for intern to quickly integrate into the organization, to feel confident, engaged and to succeed in his new role.

That’s Really Motivating
” Honestly, it’s simple but it works. Receiving advice every day from professional is very motivating.
Jasmine C.
Thanks for your advice!
” Thank you for your advice and guidance, it is often great tips very useful. To be used without moderation! 
Mario C.
Great onboarding!
” Starting my internship with a small welcome gift, what else ! Great onboarding, thanks Promoteeed.
Valérie W.


Get the best onboarding advice via our flashcard program from Monday to Friday.


Developed by our pedagogical engineers and experts, our coaching approach is based on the microlearning or M-learning methodology. A skill-based approach to learning that delivers information in small, highly focused chunks. A compact coaching experience that aims to inspire, inform and stimulate interns and to create better behaviors, habits and better attitudes during the internship.

The short, easily digestible chunks of content (less than 2 minutes per day) focus on a single objective per day, narrowing the coaching to prioritize the most important concepts and prevent cognitive overload. According to scientific research, microlearning improves performance of learners by 17% and increases the rate of engagement by 50%.

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