Customise our flashcard coaching program to fit your employer brand.

We design your customise Daily Flash Coaching program in less that 10 days.


Welcoming message from the management.

What if, on the first day of internship, your intern receive a welcoming message from your CEO.

Company presentation and quick tour.

What if, for example, on the first Wednesday, you decided to present the company’s key results, objectives or organizational chart.

On Friday, share your corporate informations!

Replace Friday’s advice of the day” (for example) with regular and practical information about your organisation.

A special FAQ for Interns and trainees.

Create a special FAQ section for new interns, a directory of useful contacts and share the most important info.

Ask your interns or trainees if everything is ok! 

After a few weeks or months, ask your intern or trainee to fill up your onboarding follow-up questionnaire.

Share employee video interviews and stories.

Use the App to promote some specific professions within your organisation and career opportunities.

Always cherish the intern feedback!

Ask you intern to fill up a satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the internship period and/or to evaluate his manager.

A word of thanks, it’s always nice!

Take care of your employer brand by sending a big thank you message from the CEO at the end internship.

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